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Fresh Produce

Dietitian and Diabetes management

Fresh Produce

Jessie Hewitt

Jessie Hewitt is the Dietitian operating at BSFM.


Jessie graduated from Deakin University in 2020 with a master of Dietics and also holds a Bachelors degree in Health Sciences from Monash University where she majored in health promotion and clinical research,

Her passion for dietetics stems from her love of food and her desire to support people in attaining optimal health, feeling positive and maintaining a healthy relationship with food.  


Jessie's key practice areas of interest include but aren't limited to: 

  • supporting healthy eating

  • diabetes management 

  • gastrointestinal disorders

  • weight management

Jessie bulk bills her patients with a valid care plan and currently operates on Saturdays. Speak with your current Doctor and ask for a care plan if you would to see Jessie. Appointments can then be scheduled by calling reception. 

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