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Dermatologist at Work

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Dr Poobalan Naidoo is a GP that is subspecialised in skin cancer and is a tutor of the skin cancer college Australasia. He obtained his fellowship of the Skin Cancer College in October 2022.


Dr Naidoo has been a GP Educator, supervisor and examiner for many years and believes he has a duty to impart skills to the next generation of doctors.

Dr Naidoo performs the following at BSFM:

  •  Skin checks.

  •  Whole body photography. 

  •  Skin Cancer diagnosis.

  •  Standard elipticals

  •  Medical treatment of Skin Cancers.

  •  Surgical treatment of Skin Cancers including skin flaps
    Dermatological surgery including flaps and grafts. 

          "I embrace the motto of the skin cancer college in the provision of affordable skin cancer care. I enjoy patient contact with an emphasis on mutual doctor / patient respect and patient autonomy. My medium term goals includes patient care and volunteer training of Dermatology residents in Africa in the clinical and dermoscopic aspects of skin cancer medicine."

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Skin Services Available at BSFM

Skin Checks
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Professional Cameras
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Skin Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment
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