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Foot Tracks on Sand


New Insoles

James Kim

James has been working as a podiatrist since 2009 and has worked in different clinical settings including community health services, private practice and residential aged care facilities. He also used to work as a volunteer podiatrist at Sacred Heart Mission Clinic in St. Kilda.


James has an extensive experience in various podiatric conditions, covering general foot care, aged foot care, diabetic foot care and assessment, wound management, orthotic therapy and footwear. James also has a special interest in diabetes and diabetic foot care and assessment as well as wound management. 


He has a good understanding of elderly patients’ needs and is able to provide quality treatment and care for patients of all ages.


In his spare time, he likes to learn new recipes and go for walks with his family. James is also a keen swimmer who used to go swimming every morning before going to work!


James is able to consult in English, Korean and some Mandarin. 


Podiatric services provided include:


  • Diabetic foot assessment

  • General nail care

  • Reduction of calluses

  • Removal of corns

  • Removal of ingrown toenails 

  • Treatment of fungal nails

  • Treatment of plantar warts

  • Biomechanical assessment 

  • Orthotic therapy

  • Footwear advice

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